INSTINCT! is an “inborn impulse or disposition”.

As humans we all have instinct. It is there from birth. It’s just that we don’t always trust it. A dog’s instinct is also there from birth, they never question it. A dog will always trust their instinct no matter what breed or size.

There are 3 basic instinct that remain in dogs, even after thousands of years of domestication. Food, Sleep and Initial Contact with humans and other dogs/animals.

We invited them into our pack when we brought them into our homes. Therefore, we need to be their pack leader in all 3 of those areas. When there is a weakness in any one or all of these areas, their instinct kicks in that they need to take over the pack leader role, this is when behavioural problems begin.

Canines of Mind behaviour training program will teach you and your family about Pack Leader Role, Basic Instincts of the Dog, and how to control them.

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