Behaviour Training
In a pack of wild dogs, the “ALPHA dog exercises his right to eat first, to choose where to sleep, and to initiate contact with other animals. In return for these privileges, the “ALPHA defends the pack and ALWAYS leads from the front.
The other members of the pack RESPECT this and although they may commit amongst themselves, they rarely challenge the “ALPHA”

Are you the pack leader in your house? Or… does your dog:
1. Jump on you?
2. Bark and / or attack people at the front door (in a friendly or aggressive manner)
3. Growl at you when asked to get down from the couch / bed?
4. Act fearful toward strangers and / or other dogs?
5. Act fearful of car rides?
If you answered “YES to any or all of these questions… Your dog may need Behaviour Training!
Behaviour training teaches basic good manners, such as how to behave around people, house training, walking on a leash, how not to jump at you or strangers, or bark madly at new faces, other dogs, or new experiences and overcome fear and aggression.

Dogs thrive on the intellectual stimulation and close personal bond that trained work provides. As an owner you are liable for your dog’s bad behaviour!! Wouldn’t you agree that the ownership of a dog should equal joy and peace of mind?

The behaviour consult includes Nutritional Evaluation (food allergies and deficiences can cause behaviour problems).

Julie will evaluate your dog’s individual needs and design a specific program for you and your dog.

Behaviour Training starts at home. Despite thousands of years of domestication, three basic instincts remain:
1. Food
2. Sleep
3. Initial Contact (with other dogs/pets and humans)
Also see our Training for kids section here.

Sessions in the privacy of your own home
***Behavior training sessions are available in person or by Zoom.
An hourly rate of $65.00 will apply
Out of town travel fees apply
Group session also available
Initial Consultation – 2 hours approx
Follow-up Visits – 1 hour approx
Gift Certificates Available